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The Carrier Lookup platform only allows one mobile number check per 24 hours. If you would like to utilize our mobile number scrubbing service and carrier lookup for more than one number, you may purchase credits below. Credits never expire.

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Our Carrier grade mobile reverse lookup API can seamlessly integrate with any app you are developing. API Lookup is priced at only .005 cents per. All you need to do is buy blocks of credits; purchase more credits as needed, any time.

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Mobile Carrier Lookup | Mobile Phone Number Lookup

There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. Many people are using mobile phones for their home phones. If your company is like most, it has a large database of existing customer phone numbers. You may be concerned with removing mobile numbers from your database to protect you from liabiliity or considering SMS Text Message Marketing, MMS Marketing or some other form of mobile contact or alerts via the mobile phone. Sending a Text Blast to your entire database can waste alot of money. It may also be illegal in some situations. We will help you save money by scrubbing your phone number database and returning to you the segregated mobile numbers with associated carriers and the land lines as separate databases. We can keep other customer data columns intact as well.

Carrier Lookup for Credit Check

It is also becoming a standard to do a simple carrier lookup on a customer phone number to use as a sort of credit check. If a customer has a Major Carrier phone they are likely in a contract and paying the bill. If they have a pay as you go phone also know as a pre paid phone they likely have poor credit.

Know before you SEND

The TCPA and the FCC consider a text message to a mobile phone number to be the same as a phone call to a mobile phone number. The only time you can send a text to a mobile number is when the customer gives you "expressed permission" as defined here.